Is Lead Generation of interest to you or your company?

No harm in asking.......

"The IF Factor" (10 Problem Areas)

If your sales are lagging...

If your time is too valuable to call...

If your salespeople are phone shy...

If you can't retain phone people.....

If calling is a bore...

If phone people get side-tracked to other functions...

If your phone people cost too much...

If your office space is too cramped for phone people...

If you hate rejection...

"If you hate the phone..."

...Then...She can be a real "Problem"

.....consider this: 

  The Phone is my sword

I'll try to explain...

I'm a Telemarketing Lead-Generator...
I doubt very much that you even know
I exist...

I work out of my home in Pennsylvania. 

It really doesn't matter where I am as long
as I have a phone.

I'm a sole proprietor working for
my clients on a "1099 basis". 

I'm NOT looking for "a job";
I don't want to relocate.

The only job - if you want to use that term -
I'm looking for is to be of use to
your organization using the phone to
gather more clients for your sales force.

What I do:

1. I use the phone to determine decision
factors in an organization from a list of
contacts or organizations you supply.

2. I make appointments with these
decision factors for your sales force. Really...
I do what my clients desire whether it's
appointments or another tasks, using the phone,
that my client desires...very flexible!

3. In the process of doing this I naturally make
changes on your contact list as I call through it
so that the list is always current.

I do not sell...
that's not true...

I sell only one thing and that is an appointment
or whatever my client wants me to accomplish
over that phone to his/her prospects on that list..


I exist only because of time and - this is a big one

Call Reluctance

My clients do not have the time to use the phone
continually to make appointments or to do various
screening objectives necessary for a continual growth
of their organization. I assume these phone tasks.

But...and this is the rub...most organizations or,
I should say, individuals, have a very big reluctance
(some call it fear) to pick up the phone and cold-call
a stranger concerning an appointment or concerning
anything regarding a potential business objective.

The phone weighs 500 lbs. to them. 

In short...they can't take REJECTION

They make excuses, find other things to do,
rationalize away that necessary task of cold-calling
...they hate it. 

Maybe a couple of hated calls and then to a more relief
type of objective or task...nothing consistent.

That is where and why I exist

I work only on a weekly basis.
No long term contracts.

Ok!...Now knowing all this...Shouldn't we at least chat?

Bob Hager

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By the way: Who else should I be talking to?


Anonymous said...

Bob Hager is the best phone guy I've ever known. I have managed 5 national sales teams and no one has ever embraced the telephone with the gusto like Bob. If you are a sales manager you should hire him to motivate your sales team and let him show them how he makes the phone his best friend.
Dave Benfield
St Pete Beach, Fl

Bob Hager said...

...Dave, it's been many years since
we worked together. It was a pleasure then and is a surprise and a continued pleasure now to get your comment...thanks,

Bob Hager
Ephrata, PA

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Schwentick:

We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have regarding Bob Hager and the services he can bring to your company's efforts. He has been doing a wonderfull job for us in a most difficult marketplace. Without knowing what it is you are thinking of using Bob's services for it is difficult for me to address any specific attributes he might bring to those efforts, but I can tell you if it involves any kind of company to consumer contact using the telephone you won't find better anywhere.

Bob Ward

Anonymous said...

Your efforts on our behalf have been great. You have opened up a whole new dimension on how we should be thinking about marketing. The thing John and I will have to work on is how to make the unit costs lower. That isn't your problem it is ours and we will do our best to resolve during this period of evaluation.

Please keep me posted on your availability i.e. hours you may have for us each week. I don't know how many you currently have booked or even if you will have an opening but if we keep in touch with each other that would be great.

Thanks again for the wonderful service to this date.

Jim Laverty
Wendell, Comes Corp.

Kevin Beamer said...

I have some fun when I'm reading this blog, all you wrote are really true. In fact, not only phones can be used for finding (contractor) leads. Today, as the development of technology gets better, it is now easier to find leads and find a network through the use of online communications.

Anonymous said...

Online communications are good, but you cannot truly connect without speaking to someone and I think that is really important.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I spent only a few minutes with Bob but had an ovurwellming sense that he really new what he was doing, or was going to do. I agree hole-heartedly with Dave Benfield, GUSTO!

Nani Eng said...

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