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From: Matt Hudson []
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2015 12:57 PM
To: Bob Hager
Subject: Recommendation

Bob did an excellent job of calling through our call list.  He is very persistent 
with calls and emails.  He was flexible in the response and did a great job of 
navigating through our script.  He was my Trojan horse.  We sent him in and he 
came out with a good percentage of leads.

We will continue to be in touch with him.

Matt Hudson - Owner

Cell: (479) 313-6431

Twitter: @MattFWD

A Reference for Bob Hager's Services

From: Wisdom Tech []
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 10:19 AM
Cc: Bob Hager
Subject: A Reference for Bob Hager's Services

Wisdom Technologies LLC

Information Office
April 15, 2015

Dear Ms Bielobocky:

We would highly recommend Bob Hager to any company with telemarketing needs. His services have been used on numerous occasions over the past 10 years by our company. On all projects we have utilized his services we have always been more than satisfied. Whether you need costumer service or cold call telemarketing you will look hard and long before finding a better service to fit that need at any cost, than utilizing Bob's unique capabilities.

Robert Ward
Wisdom Technologies LLC

Is Lead Generation of interest to you or your company?

No harm in asking.......

"The IF Factor" (10 Problem Areas)

If your sales are lagging...

If your time is too valuable to call...

If your salespeople are phone shy...

If you can't retain phone people.....

If calling is a bore...

If phone people get side-tracked to other functions...

If your phone people cost too much...

If your office space is too cramped for phone people...

If you hate rejection...

"If you hate the phone..."

...Then...She can be a real "Problem"

.....consider this: 

  The Phone is my sword

I'll try to explain...

I'm a Telemarketing Lead-Generator...
I doubt very much that you even know
I exist...

I work out of my home in Pennsylvania. 

It really doesn't matter where I am as long
as I have a phone.

I'm a sole proprietor working for
my clients on a "1099 basis". 

I'm NOT looking for "a job";
I don't want to relocate.

The only job - if you want to use that term -
I'm looking for is to be of use to
your organization using the phone to
gather more clients for your sales force.

What I do:

1. I use the phone to determine decision
factors in an organization from a list of
contacts or organizations you supply.

2. I make appointments with these
decision factors for your sales force. Really...
I do what my clients desire whether it's
appointments or another tasks, using the phone,
that my client desires...very flexible!

3. In the process of doing this I naturally make
changes on your contact list as I call through it
so that the list is always current.

I do not sell...
that's not true...

I sell only one thing and that is an appointment
or whatever my client wants me to accomplish
over that phone to his/her prospects on that list..


I exist only because of time and - this is a big one

Call Reluctance

My clients do not have the time to use the phone
continually to make appointments or to do various
screening objectives necessary for a continual growth
of their organization. I assume these phone tasks.

But...and this is the rub...most organizations or,
I should say, individuals, have a very big reluctance
(some call it fear) to pick up the phone and cold-call
a stranger concerning an appointment or concerning
anything regarding a potential business objective.

The phone weighs 500 lbs. to them. 

In short...they can't take REJECTION

They make excuses, find other things to do,
rationalize away that necessary task of cold-calling
...they hate it. 

Maybe a couple of hated calls and then to a more relief
type of objective or task...nothing consistent.

That is where and why I exist

I work only on a weekly basis.
No long term contracts.

Ok!...Now knowing all this...Shouldn't we at least chat?

Bob Hager

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